Silversmithing stakes

Silversmithing stakes

Creative smiling

Creative smiling



Earrings 18ct white and yellow gold

Earrings 18ct white and yellow gold

York open studios 2016

York open studios 2016

Creativity is not always tidy

Creativity is not always tidy

Bangle, silver, gold plate and pearl

Bangle, silver, gold plate and pearl

18ct gold and topaz

18ct gold and topaz



York School of Jewellery is an independent school of jewellery and silversmithing and the largest service provider of classes and courses in jewellery, silversmithing and design in the North of England. We have a reputation for teaching and success second to none. The quality of tuition and facilities are reflected in the standard of the work produced by our students.



















Professional terms used

Any item that is body adornment and can be made in any material including bone, wood, metal clay, stone, silver, gold, palladium, platinum.

Any item that is made of silver that is not body adornment e.g. goblets, teapots, chalices etc.

Any item made of gold that is not necessarily jewellery - see silversmithing above.





At York School of Jewellery we follow scientific advice.

The three most important instructions concern air flow, social distancing and cleanliness.

The Schools three workshops benefit from industrial extraction for the whole of each workshop, not just the hearth and polishing areas.

This extraction is active at all times so providing excellent airflow.

All benches are now at least two meters apart in all directions.

Each bench has its own full complement of tools. The benches and tools are disinfected between each class

We are fortunate that the School has a ground floor entrance/exit used only by our students and staff, not by other departments or businesses.

Hand sanitisers, face coverings, gloves are just some of the many other measures we have in place for student and staff safety.

Jewellery Classes
Silversmithing Classes

A bit about us

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A lifetime of experience


Whilst we feel that the most important thing in life is... well, life and living it in the best way we can, we take our work seriously. Read more below to find out about our training and selected publications, commissions and exhibitions. 


One of our real pleasures is seeing our students grow and develop their skills and confidence.

Why not have a look at the galleries of work  (under jewellery classes and silversmithing classes) to find out what you could achieve in regular weekly two hour classes ?

Experience Days

York School of Jewellery runs regular sessions where prospective students can experience a jewellery making or silversmithing class.

For enquiries and bookings please call us on 01904 674767 


Whether you are looking for a career change or just looking to learn a new skill, the sessions cover everything from basic health and safety within a workshop to working at one of the 17 fully equipped jewellery work stations or 4 silversmithing stations.

The sessions offer a glimpse into the wide range of classes and courses available at York School of Jewellery.

Jewellery experience days are just £90 per student and silversmithing days (making a hand hammered vessel) are only £110.

£10 from each student will be donated to the charities supported by the school -
St Leonards Hospice and Yorkshire Coast Dog Rescue.

Nik Stanbury

Nik has undertaken commissions for a variety of clients including local, national and foreign governments, private and public bodies, and various religious groups.

Currently Principal of York School of Jewellery he is passionate about the preservation and transmission of ancient and traditional techniques, whilst embracing the best of modern developments.

2006 The beautiful splint company - Bespoke orthotic splints for the hand and wrist At York School of Jewellery

1986  Ph.D. Japanese Shakudo and Shibuichi Alloys
Victoria and Albert Museum and Middlesex Polytechnic, London.

1980  BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design (Silversmithing) 
Middlesex Polytechnic, London.

1976  Foundation Art and Design
Cardiff College of Art, Cardiff.

Selected Papers and Publications

Martin, G.L. and Stanbury, N.P. (1991) Analysis of Patinated Japanese Copper Alloys, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Holmes, P. and Stanbury, N. P. (1986) The replication of late bronze-age Lurs, The Royal Swedish Academy of Music, Stockholm

1987   Constituent Metal Loss in Ancient Bronze Casting (contributor), University of Cambridge

1986   Ph.D. Japanese Shakudo and Shibuichi alloys, London

1982   The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of metals (contributor), Crafts Council

Teaching and lecturing includes
University of Oxford, Oxford 
University of Cambridge, Cambridge 
York College, York 
York School of Jewellery, York
British Museum, London 
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Oita, Japan

Clients include
Swedish Royal Academy of Music
Schaffer Pens
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park 
St. David’s City Council
City of Bradford Metropolitan Council
House of Lords
St David’s Cathedral
British Army

Julie Moss

Using a variety of both traditional and modern techniques, Julie incorporates a diverse range of materials within her work including precious metals (gold, silver, palladium); precious and semi-precious gemstones; vitreous enamels; rubber and latex.

She is drawn to the strength, warmth and delicacy of these materials through their tactile and underlying natures. These properties complement each design so that may be admired when the piece is held in the hand, worn against the skin or simply observed.

Foundation, Leeds College of Art & Design, Leeds. 1987

Design (Illustration), Cambridgeshire College of Arts & Technology, Cambridge. 1988-1990

Jewellery Apprenticeship, York. 2001-2006

Executive Committee member of the British Society of Enamellers 2012 - 2015

Recent exhibitions

Japan - Tokyo, Royal Ueno Museum - 27th International Cloisonne Exhibition - April 2015

Japan - Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum - 48th International Exhibition of The Enamelling Artists Association of Japan - July 2014

‘Heart of the Heat’. collaborative exhibition of work by members of the British Society of Enamellers and the Guild of Enamellers. Sponsored by Goldsmiths Company. Birmingham School of Jewellery. November - December 2013.

Teaching includes

York College, York

York School of Jewellery, York