The original ‘make your own wedding rings’ course

This course falls outside our usual guide lines. It assumes no previous experience or wish to continue to develop any additional skills.

This is the original ‘make your own wedding ring course’. Why ‘the original’? Because in 1980 Dr. Nik Stanbury (Principal of York School of Jewellery) created this course (now much copied!). Then, as now, it comes with a guarantee. This course is a special one day experience for you and your loved one to come and make your own wedding rings. Throughout the day you will be filmed/photographed making your rings and supplied with a DVD of the event. You can choose to make your ring in gold, palladium, platinum (*) or silver (*). These rings are designed and made to last not only your life time, but also that of your children or grandchildren. Forge your ring with love and create an heirloom! So, what is our guarantee? If you fail to finish/make you rings within the day course, you can come back free of charge, for as many days as it takes to complete your ring. PLEASE NOTE - In 40 years we have never had to action this guarantee!
We VERY STRONGLY advise that you consider making your rings to a traditional design and from either gold or palladium.


*Rings can be made from platinum, but conditions apply.

*We would NOT recommend making rings from silver except for religious, ethical or practical reasons due to material considerations.


Please do not even consider making your rings from art metal clay or PMC. These materials are exceptionally interesting to hobbyists but not suitable for professional work.

Class size
One couple unless otherwise requested.

Course date(s) and times
10-00 am to finish. We do not have set dates for this day. Please telephone to book your special day (but well in advance of your wedding!!!) giving us a selection of dates that may be agreeable to you.
£200 per person (includes lunch at the local pub, and tea/coffee throughout the day). Please note the cost of materials is additional and charged at cost.


Cost of metal

Please note clients will be directed to purchase their own metal (with all relevent information and suppliers) at cost - we do not supply or charge for supplying.